Must Have Jewelry Pieces

Just as with fashion, there are jewelry pieces every woman should have. 
In no particular order, here the top five:

1. Flirty, dangle earrings.
No matter the material used, a dangle earring brings movement and life to your style. Select shapes and colors to compliment and balance your body, face and eyes. (Check out our other blog entries for more info on these topics.)
What they do for you: Draws attention to your eyes.
Tips: Select earrings that have a colors which compliment or match your eye color.

2. The little black necklace.

With the right balance of delicate beading and interesting shapes, a little black necklace is the perfect accent for your little black dress or a great way to dress up jeans and a simple shirt.
What it does for you: Draws attention to a woman's declate, in a subtle yet sexy way.
Tips: Black is still the universal neutral. Use your little black necklace to pull out the black accents in prints or create classic high contrast with a white shirt.

3. A Bracelet that makes a statement.

Whether it's a personalized mom-bracelet, your greek letters or showing your support for a cause like breast cancer awareness, these bracelets are a fun, fashionable way to express yourself.  Lots of options are available with message beads, specialty charms, alpha & greek letter beads, and a vast array of symbols like hearts and religious symbols for all denominations.
What it does for you:  Adds your unique signature to wear everyday or keep as an heirloom momenta.
Tips:  Have a lot to say?  Maybe a multi-strand bracelet is the right choice for you. 
4. The multi-strand necklace.

A multi-strand necklace is a perfect piece to wear over a solid colored top such as a turtleneck, when your cleavage is exposed, or just anytime.  Strands with contrasting color, materials and texture are best when your outfit is monochromatic. Strands with continuity of pattern and color are better with patterned or detailed garments.  Or mix and match styles with some simple strands and some complex.  Any of these looks are stunning and distinctive.
What it does for you: A sophisticated way to draw the eye to the upper body.
Tips: Select monochromatic schemes that mix up shapes to add interest.

5. Abalone Shell jewelry of any kind.

When you are looking for a gift or an item you can grab that will go literally with anything, think of abalone shell.  It's spectral color make it the perfect choice for evening wear to jeans and everywhere in between.
What is does for you: Compliments every color scheme you can imagine and coordinates very well with other pieces made from virtually any other material.
Tips:  Travel with your abalone jewelry pieces to reduce what you need to pack.

But don't limit yourself to the top five jewelry pieces.  
Every woman deserves to be celebrated and decorated.