My upcoming Web-a-versary

So, most everyone who reads this blog or know me know that Manda Panda Creations is a one woman show.  More accurately is a one Mom show, since I didn't decide to go on the web until just prior to our son's second birthday.

Next month will mark the anniversary of MPC's presence on the web and with every anniversary there comes a time of reflection: What has worked?  What hasn't?  What is yet to be tried?  And I've concluded, which will come as no shock to the web or business savvy, is that networking is still king.  And the farming adage about time & patience still very aptly applies as much to a web-based business as it does to a brick & mortar.

A year ago I really did think LAUNCHING the website was the big hurdle.  Boy, was I naive.  

Truth be told, I've actually been lucky in gaining success with my sloppy attempts at self promotion and laissez faire efforts with networking.  Perhaps not surprisingly so - I love meeting people and I'm passionate about what I do.  But the knowing the best ways to translate what comes natural to me with the tools available for web promotion has proven more of a challenge than originally anticipated.  The investigation, setup and administration of these tools takes a huge chunk out of my creative time.   

I've begun reviewing options to streamline my promotional efforts.  In doing so I now have a greater why my competition is so much more expensive than me for similar goods.  This leaves me, at the start of the new decade at a cross roads.  Do I go big or do I remain a modest but still successful shop which hopefully grows over time?  

Or is there a happy medium?  Well, I hope there is.  My plan is to try to continue doing what works (actually better and more of it) and to reach out to you, my friends and allies to ask for a little advice and help with the following:

  1. Gaining a wider audience.  I'm on social media: facebooktwitter, but I'm pretty much just social on it.  Well, I do actually have a facebook page, but it doesn't get publically listed until you have 1000 fans! I'm just not real comfortable flagrantly promoting myself.  Any suggestions? 
  2. My blogs: Manda Panda Creations and this one, Behind the Beaded Curtain. I'd like to freshen and streamline them.  Get a custom skin made so I can embed it on my site along with some other widgets.  Know anyone?  Are you that someone?
  3. Website maintenance: My website is home-baked by Mom and my darling hubby.  I need an easier tool to update my database without needing to bug them or wait for them to do it.  (I've got lots of new stuff to list).  I heard 'content managers' are that solution, but what's a good one?  Does anyone know? 
  4. Finally, would you give me a website gradecard?  Visit my site look around and tell me what appeals to you and what doesn't.  
Thanks for reading, looking, considering.  I look forward to getting your feedback, no matter how much or what you have to offer.

Happy New Year! 


Anonymous said...

Just checking commenting settings on the new blogger template.
And... they work. Yay!

Trisha R Jackson said...

Manda, I love the new look! I've struggled maintaining 3 blogs too. I've finally gotten 2 into one blog but wish it was on WP like the 3rd.

I LOVE your Amethyst bracelet!! My favorite color is purple and so it's my birthstone! Plus, I love that you've included the meaning and benefits behind wearing the stone. Fits me perfectly!

The only suggestion I have is to add a "follow me" widget so that I can easily subscribe to your blog where it shows up in my Google Reader.

Kudos! Trisha

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