What NOT to Wear: Jewelry

As a jewelry designer who specializes in custom fit and design, I feel as though I've seen it all over the years: the good, the great, the "eh" and the... well, just plain wrong.

Even thought it's not as difficult as say, finding great clothes for your body type, there are some guidelines that every woman should be aware of when choosing items to adorn herself.

Jewelry was created to accentuate features on your body/face. The type of jewelry as well as color, shape and movement all play important roles in what part of your body is given "center stage". This is because our minds are pre-programmed to look for patterns, similarities, and differences.

We'll start this edition of "What NOT to Wear: Jewelry" by explaining what body part each type of jewelry will accentuate. Understanding this is the first step to developing your own personal style so you can accessorize to look your best.

Many pieces of jewelry draw attention to the exact area where they are worn, like rings, belts and hair clips. However, other foundation jewelry items can draw the eye elsewhere; and therefore, highlight OR minimize more than just the area it covers.

Earrings will draw attention to your eyes. They frame your face and echo your pair of eyes. Practically every woman looks great in earrings since eyes are typically the most vibrant feature. From simple studs to swaying chandeliers to bold hoops, earrings will create eye allure in a number of different ways.

Adorn yourself with a necklace when you want to draw the focus to your upper body. Chokers, pendants, bibs, lariats, and luxurious long strands all give prominence to different areas of this seductive part of your body including your lips, neck, chest and decolletage. Because the focus area is primarily your skin, the materials used greatly impact this effect.

A classic example of this are pearls. Have you ever wondered why pearls are so often used in bridal and formal jewelry designs? The answer lies in one word: luminescence. The silky sheen of the pearl mimics glowing, healthy skin which looks fantastic on every woman, especially when used to highlight the skin of your upper body.

Bracelets accentuate your hands, your wrists and can even make arms appear thinner. Be it cuffs, bands, multiple strands, delicate chains with none, one, a few or a multitude of dangling charms; bracelets are a versatile way to spotlight or de-emphasize a variety of body parts.

They can also draw attention to your waist and/or hips if the bracelet is similar to what your wearing. Or bracelets can draw attention away from your mid-section if its design is in contrast to what you are wearing.

Similarly, anklets highlight your legs & feet in addition to your ankles.

Styles, color & color schemes, shape and materials all factor in to how this foundation jewelry items enhance your appearance which will be covered in future posts. Or if you'd rather be guided through the process, visit Manda Panda Creations' Custom Design
to learn more about custom design and creating pieces especially for your shape and style.

I hope you've enjoyed the first edition of "What NOT to Wear: Jewelry" and learned something to help develop your personal jewelry style to enhance your best assets.


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